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Wireless Internet & services

GOOFI Networks Private Limited headquartered in Tumkur, Karnataka, India. GOOFI is an Internet Service Providing Company (ISP) having its own business and technological service towards internet technology. We address real world challenges that lead to successful transformations from LAN or Fibre Optic Cable (FTTH) to AirFibre (Wireless Technology) and allow users to experience the maximum speed for using internet service wirelessly.

How we provide Wireless Internet

How your Wireless Internet get Installed?

GOOFI typically provide equipment to customers called Customer Place Equipment (CPE) and install a small antenna or dish somewhere on the roof. This equipment is usually deployed as a service and maintained by the GOOFI to provide internet service.

How this CPE Works?

CPE's will get signals from our Base Towers or from our Sub Towers where Highly Powerful wireless equipments are installed. These wirelsss devices will multiply the connections and reduces network jam using TDMA technology.

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